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Dj Savz at gym

Dj Savz - Boxing Day

Hit the gym really early to get my workout out of the way, then headed down to Fountain Gate around 9:00am, got the stuff that I wanted quickly, and was out of there. Got to admit the car was prety packed with stuff of all sorts, from clothes to equipment.

choosing a dj for your wedding

Dj Savz - How to chose a Dj for your event

So you have decided to get a professional Dj for your Wedding or Engagement, but how do you choose the correct Dj when there a hundreds out there that are up for it?

Well here are some questions you could ask them, now keep in mind, the more expencive or least expencive quote is always not the best pick.

How long has He/She been a Dj for?

Does the Dj have a website of an official facebook page that allows you to review pictures and reviews?

These days most Dj's have a SoundCloud or Mixcloud account, giving you the oppertunity to listen to some of the mixes.

Does the Dj have loud enough speakers to fill the venue with music, this can be easy to over look, however the last thing you want is soft music where your guests can not enjoy your events.

And finally what equipment can the Dj provide for your event.

These are olnly some of the questions to get you on the right path to chosing the correct Dj for your event, hope it helps.

You can listen to my latest mixes of different music genres , where you will find all my tracks, on Mixcloud or SoundCloud. Spotify will be available very soon.

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