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Dj Savz at Club27

Dj Savz - At Club27

Was a great nigt at Club27, started off with all the retro tracks and ended the night with most of the popular R&B, Hip Hop songs for the younger generation. I love being a mobile Dj for hire, it's absolute fun when the night turns out great.

What gives me a real thrill is not the money I make from each gig (that does not mean I do free gig's), but when people leave me a message the next day or a great review on my FaceBook, I couldn't ask for more.

Dj Savz - About Me

Dj Savz - What makes my service stand out

Well I can't say I'm the best Dj out there and brag about my self, however as a Dj for hire, I do not charge the rates many company's out there charge, some even go upto $180 per hour for exactly the same service I provide.

I always put my self in my customers shoes and ask my self what would I want the Dj to be playing etc.. so customer satisfaction comes first on my list, If you looked at my FaceBook, you will see the reviews many customers have left, not to mention all those customers that missed leaving a review.

I consider my self very flexible and do my best to accommodate to last minute change in plans etc.. Never been late and always had everything setup well before the required time.

My equipment is the best in the market along with the sound systems I use, the last thing you want is a Dj that can't fill the entire venue with music.

With years of experience, I know exactly what to play and when to keep the dance floor packed, thats what makes an event a success.

I work on custom made play lists well in advance for no additional fee, for events like Weddings etc.. I hope this has given you some idea of my service and my self as a Dj.

You can listen to my latest mixes of different music genres , where you will find all my tracks, on Mixcloud or SoundCloud. Spotify will be available very soon.

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