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With years of experience and a great deal of work behind the seen, I ensure the success of every event I Dj for.

I cater for various occasions, from Weddings and Engagements, Birthday and Corporate events to Club and Pub events. Working with customers to bring the event to life gives me a thrill and thats what motivates me besides my love for music. What makes me stand out from other Dj's? My equipment only the best of Pioneer and Ave, My Sound system is capable of a big 3000+ Watt's to fill Medium to large venues, IRC disco lights with smoke machine, besides all of that, I create a playlist according to my customers requirements and work with my customers days before any event.

Besides my love for being a Dj, I also like to keep fit and hit the gym quite often after work everyday, other than that, I have a calm and cooperate personality. If you would like to know more, drop me a message using the contact form, or follow my Facebook page.

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You can listen to my latest mixes of different music genres , where you will find all my tracks, on Mixcloud or SoundCloud. Spotify will be available very soon.

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