Events I cater for

    corporate functions

    Music sets the vibe to the occasion,
    make it a truly enjoyable and memorable event for everyone with great music along with a good atmosphere.

    Engagement's and Outdoor Events

    Bring your engagement to life with
    crystal clear music taylored for the one occasion.
    You can even leave me a list of songs to play on the day and at certain times.

    House Parties and Birthday's

    From your everyday House party too Birthday parties in medium to large venues with different age groups, I have the music to cater for all, you can leave me a list of tracks to be played on the night a few days in advance, and I will have that ready for you.

    Do you have a special event?

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    Mobile: +61 417301888



Don't pay extra for standard equipment!

No need to break the bank for a good night, all equipment is provided with no additional charges.

The setup can be modified to suit the event such as Weddings and Engagements Etc... The below picture is just to give you an idea. I do take pride in my setup, speaker stands etc, are covered with white scrims and wires are hidden. I will need the required space if you need the same setup as in the picture and will discuss this with your when you contact me initially. However, if space is an issue, we could easily work around that.

Dj Savz booth

Ever come across a situation where you have to pay for not only the Dj, but also for the sandard equipment (mixer, controllers and PA system along with a mic) that should come at no cost what so ever? I don't beleave you should be paying an arm and a leg. When you are working with me, I provide standard equipment at no additional cost.

Also check out some of my latest mixes. Dj Savz Mixes

What you can expect from me

I have listed what you can expect from me on the day of your occasion

I have everything to bring your occasion to life!

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Some of my equipment

Pioneer mixer and controllers.

Best in the market.

Pioneer Dj equipment is one of the best in the market, allowing me to give you the perfect mix of music.

PA system + Mic's.

Max sound for any occasion.

With 3400W+ total output, you can be sure that the music fills the venue, for even larger venues, additional speakers can be arranged. So, there is no too big or too small occasion.

Lighting and Atmosphere effects.

Lasers and Smoke.

Adding lighting to any occasion gives it that perfect touch, smoke or haze enhances the lighting effect as you can see from the pictures.

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"Dj Sav. Thanks so much for the old school RNB. You killed it with the mixes. Had a great night killing it on the dance floor to your music. Highly recommended" - Dorine Hajj